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Whether you are looking to shift your inner landscape or strengthen how you interact within your relationships both personally and at work, or looking to reform how you want to live in the world, you can find assistance with my multidimensional approach towards healing.

In Chinese Medicine Theory Qi follows Shen and Blood follows Qi. This is Spirt, Mind, and Body. All loss of vitality, physical and mental/emotional, Begins at a spiritual place, Moves to thoughts, that then in-turn drive behaviors and/or illness. Creation of a new way of being also follows this spirit mind body course. Energy moves - from the insubstantial to the substantial. Therefore, how our lives get off course begins at an energetic spiritual level, like a loss of hope or a loss of faith which causes our vibration to lower. As this continues, our thoughts begin to be negative or we begin to create misbeliefs, like I have to be perfect to be loved, or worse, I am not good enough to be loved, this kind of warble causes our vibration to lower further - this is where our immunity can drop or our perceptions can become hardened driving our actions and behaviors from a have-not, limited resource, and fear based belief system. After this happens sometimes disease processes can begin to set in.


I have identified that reconnecting your internal sensory guidance system is the most effective and profound way to find your way to a strong, empowered, vital, satisfied or happy, state. Your internal sensory guidance system helps you to discern what you want and what you want to discard. This needs to be accomplished through a multidimensional state - spirit, mind and body, so I offer various products to meet that multidimensional need, all of which can be found on my services page: here


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