Dr. Beth Gineris guides an international following on the techniques of living a powerful, wholistic life grounded in wellness and mindfulness. Her work integrates alternative healing techniques—including acupuncture, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and intuitive counseling—with her academic training. She has Masters degrees in Counseling, Chinese Medicine, and Business Administration; she also holds a PhD in Applied Eco-Psychology.

& Consultation

Intuitive Counseling & Consultation


Mentoring in Consciousness Program

This program helps participants develop their mindful meditation and consciousness. Training in meditation, healing rituals (journeying, soul mending, cord cutting and more), energetic healing, and working in the fifth through twelfth dimensions of consciousness for healing of self and others.


Acupuncture close up

Integrative Medicine Acupuncture

Rebalancing through integrative acupuncture energy healing; Using ancient Taoist theory and five element energy acupuncture medicine integrating your spirit, mind, and body through toning, homeopathic, essential oils, and powerful herbals to release Habit reaction patterns , create emotional trauma release, and reconnect you with your sensory guidance system. Toxicity release using myofascial trigger point needling and pain release for athletes. Health promotion, infertility/childbirth support, and facial/scar rejuvenation.



Energy Healing

Using energy medicine, intuition, psychic healing and psychic/energy clearing tools. Set up in 45 minute individual psychic readings or healings as well as weekend retreats individually designed for your purposes. Also available: quick remote check-in's to offer remote guidance and healing.



Transformation Weekend

Retreats & Seminars

Powerful energy healing and transformation 3-5 day weekend retreats. These focus on a theme working through the chakras and limiting beliefs that block healthy vibrant energy flow. These are scheduled throughout the year in specific energetic centers as well as in New Mexico and Arizona. I collaborate with other shamanic and energy/psychic healers to provide these seminars.


Holding Hands

Couples Retreats, Seminars,

& Workshops

These focus on transcending conflict and elevating consciousness. Addressing Temperament, understanding triggers, attachment style and exercises in non-violent communication are important components of my work. The MAAPS: Money, Attachment, Achievement, Power, and Structure Insecurity Drivers in relationship information from my book on mindfulness in relationship is invaluable. Contact me directly for future seminars or to set up a weekend healing with me and/or our team.

Seminars, &

Blades of Grass

Pricing and Fees

Pricing and Fees

Integrated Acupuncture - Energy Clearing/Alignment


$250/mo, ongoing

45 min

60 min

Psychic Readings

60 min


Shamanic-Ceremonial Clearing, Limpia



Sports Medicine/Health Maintenance Acupuncture 

60 min

Mentoring in Consciousness Program

$250/mo, with minimum 9-12 month commitment

Intuitive Counseling/Coaching

60 min



Single Session -  Intuitive Counseling/Coaching

Remote Healing

Psychic Check-In

5th Dimensional Energy Healing

$65/ea. question; remote services

offer question responses via text.

Remote Guidance and Healing

50 min

Private 1:1 Yoga Training

50 min